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Advant-Edge pharmacy provides you with your diabetes testing supplies. Only by testing your blood glucose daily will you know if you are controlled or uncontrolled and whether you are on the right course.

We carry all of the newest and “top of the line” glucometers and testing supplies. Our customers receive free training on your glucometers and even free in home training if needed. Advant-Edge Pharmacy offers free delivery right to your doorstep. Nobody beats advant-edge pharmacy on service.


Medications: We have all insulin brands, glucose tablets, glucagons,
diabetic creams and more.

Billing: We bill Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurances for diabetic supplies.

Delivery: We will deliver or mail your purchases to your address.

Screenings: We offer professional diabetic and cholesterol screenings,
complete with explanations of results and a sit down question and answer

Shoes: We have an excellent selection of diabetic shoes. We have black,
brown, taupe, or suede. We have velcro closures, shoelace style, and
boot style.

Advant-Edge Pharmacy is located at 1576 Lomaland Dr., El Paso, TX 79935. Our phone number is 915-595-0409, or you can email us at

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