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What is medication compounding? Medication compounding is the process of actually making a medication that is unavailable on the market or by regular means. This involves getting raw chemicals in the form of powders, solutions, etc… and mixing them with other powders or solutions to make a quality medicine that the patient can take safely. Confused? Let’s look at it differently....

Having trouble administering medicine to your pet? Give us a call, nothing is out of the question. Whether it’s capsules, suppositories, creams, injections or anything at all we will work with you, your vet and your pet to make life easier. Pets are family too, and at
Advant-Edge Pharmacy, we take care of the entire family.

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Advant-Edge Pharmacy is located at 1576 Lomaland Dr., El Paso, TX 79935. Our phone number is 915-595-0409, or you can email us at

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